Marketing & Broadcasting Deal Signed with Warren Wilson College

Chris Schieman Media & Marketing Signs Marketing Agreement with Warren Wilson

Asheville, NC – Chris Schieman Media & Marketing is expanding its role at Warren Wilson College with a new broadcast and marketing deal in place for the 2014-2015 academic year.

The deal between Chris Schieman and Warren Wilson continues the growth of the Warren Wilson Sports Network’s coverage of live and on-demand Owls games. The deal will also revamp marketing efforts for the Owls including increased social media, videos, podcasts and game previews/recaps.

“I want to thank Stacey and her staff for the level of support they’ve shown me,” Schieman said. “Warren Wilson is a unique place and we want to highlight what makes this place so special, while continuing to reshape the notions of the traditional sports broadcast.”

Plans for 2014-2015 include broadcasting more Owls Soccer and Basketball games as well as on-demand broadcasts of other select Owls sports. Broadcasts will be complimented on with expanded game previews and recaps, as well as player information for all sports.

Marketing efforts will also include more video content and feature stories covering additional Owls clubs. “We want to have a conversation about what makes our student athletes unique, athletically and academically,” Schieman said. “Some feature stories will also tackle issues affecting the campus, college life, the sports culture, and whatever else makes sense for us to discuss.”

Fans of Owls athletics will be able to interact with Warren Wilson sports on social media more than ever before with live tweeting, as well as the expansion of social media efforts into Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, and others. Archived games, player interviews, feature stories and other videos will also be posted on YouTube.


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