Don’t Ignore Google Business

Google BusinessThis week Google went through a branding reboot, with new logos, fonts and a sleek design. It also updated searches, although I didn’t see much (if any) movement from my current clients outside the norm.

Google is doing a little “practice what we preach” this week with a new look. Google often encourages businesses to refresh content on the websites, whether it’s an updated logo or some fresh content on the front page.

Every-time Google does anything people want to know about Google+, the much maligned social network that hasn’t quite lived up to the hype of competing with Facebook. In fact Google has played down Google+, no longer making it a requirement when you sign up for Gmail and no longer integrating with YouTube accounts.

But even Google+’s logo got a new look this week, which means it likely won’t fade anytime soon. And while it may be easy to ignore from a personal standpoint, there is a wealth of resources hidden in the Google+ section of Google that is a gold-mine for your business.

Now that Google hasn’t forced Google+ down our throats it may be easy to forget all the resources located in the “My Business” section. Even if you don’t have a personal Google+ page, you should have your business set up with a page.

You may not see the interactions you’ll get on other social media, but a Google+ business page gives you lots of resources located in one place, including:

Google Maps. Once you have your business set up and verified with a Google+ page you will start to see it show up on Google Maps. Map searches are going to continue to rise with the growth of mobile devices. Map search results also pop up on almost all local search results on traditional searches. It’s a no-brainier.

YouTube. Even though they’re not integrated any more, Google+ business pages give you instant access to YouTube. Remember that videos are one of the best ways to create content for your business. Videos are always popular and who knows, maybe you can put out something that can go viral!

Reviews. You can have people review your business, products or services right on your Google+ page, which will show up on your search results! It’s important to note: if you don’t have a Google+ page, one for your business may already be set up. That means people may be reviewing you and you don’t know it! Always keep up on reviews to avoid negative spam to best protect your business.

Insights. Google gives you insights into how your business is preforming right on your business page. You can view hits to your website, review info and see who is visiting your business page in one simple location.

AdWords. Google also integrates your business page with AdWords, making it easy to set up a PPC campaign.

If you are ignoring Google+ now is the time to reconsider! Like I mentioned, your business may already have a page, so it’s important to keep up and own each aspect of your business on the internet.