5 Ways to Improve SEO for New Websites

New website SEOThere are hundreds of factors that go into SEO. However there are several musts to start. If you have a brand new website, getting Google’s attention can take some serious work. Starting off on the right foot is key to making a good impression. Focusing on these five factors will help your website get the jump start it needs:

1. SEO Friendly URL. When you choose a website, try to find an SEO-friendly place to call home. If you sell flowers in Charleston, for example, you should find a URL that you can buy like “Charleston-florist.com.” Using keywords in your URL gives Google a huge hint at what your business is all about!

2. Proper Meta Titles and Description. Pick one keyword that you want to rank well for and use it in both the title of your page and the description. Staying with our Charleston florist theme the title should look something like this: Charleston Florist | Sandy’s Flowers. If you have an SEO-friendly URL use that keyword in the title. The Meta Description should be simple and eye grabbing. Include the keyword once. Don’t try to stuff a bunch of different keywords into the titles and descriptions. Keyword stuffing will set you back instead of moving your website forward.

3. Good Text. If you have a new website you probably haven’t had time to create much content. Give your website a jump-start with several pages that have relevant text. Aim for a few hundred words per page and include your chosen keyword throughout. Don’t go crazy with the keyword but use it two or three times per 100 words. An image-only website doesn’t go far enough in telling people what you’re all about, so don’t be lazy or in a rush to complete the website.

4. Mobile. Make your website mobile-friendly so that people using their phones/tablets can navigate through your site easily. Include a few call to action buttons (click to call, click to email, etc) that will make it easy for people to contact you with the click of a button.

5. Backlinks/Social Media. Start finding ways to get backlinks to your website as soon as it launches. Social media is a good way to start. Posting on sites like Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+ will give your website immediate backlinks if you make sure to include links to your pages. Speaking of social media, it’s the easiest way to start marketing your business. Start by connecting with friends and family and branch out from there.

If you’re just starting out you need every advantage possible. With competition already established it can be frustrating if you don’t see immediate results with your website. Remember you be consistent, ethical and don’t try to cheat Google because you’re impatient. Within a short amount of time you’ll be surprised at the results if you do things the right way! If you need help getting your website up and running please contact me using any of the methods below!