How Video Improves SEO

video seoEvery company wants a viral video, a video that thousands (if not millions) will see that connects them with the company. But the odds of that happening are not good. Viral videos are rare and if your business is only using videos to try to hit a home run you are missing the point. Videos are great for SEO, whether or not millions of people view them.

What makes a video great for your website’s SEO? Google is always giving website’s with good content a boost. Videos, combined with blogs, images and audio (like podcasts) combine to help improve search results. Videos that are a part of the website, uploaded onto an FTP server, for example, are best. But even YouTube videos embedded onto a website pack a lot of SEO punch.

Videos are also important to SEO because Google is starting to rank videos in search results. For years Google has had the video option on the search tabs, but now Google is ranking videos within even traditional search results.

Why does Google place such value on videos? Because videos are what people want. According to a study last year by Cisco, videos make up 64% of all internet traffic. That number is expected to jump to over 80% by 2019, data rates be damned.

Videos are especially important for SEO. It makes sense to have video in an area that lends itself to share-able content. People love shots of your local attractions, like the beach, clubs and bars, historical places to visit and more. If you are a business that needs to attract vacationers or locals, video is the best way to be found, and shared by people who visit your establishment. If you are a bar, for example, sharing a short video of a singer performing on your stage will help entice people to your place for drinks.

So even if you are not going to go viral, videos are what people want to see. And they will allow your company an opportunity to spread your business’ message or showcase your products or services. Videos that include helpful information are what people are looking for, after something that’s funny/interesting, of course.

Since most computers, phone and tablets have video functions, you don’t have to have a background working at Pixar to create interesting and click-worthy videos.  A couple of times each month I make videos for my clients, and the views are in the hundreds each month. Most of the time the videos are just displaying products, with music, and information on how to order. In other words, you don’t have to overthink video to get results. Sometimes simple works just as well as trying to hit the viral home-run.

So get creating! And if you are in need of help, I have all the tools necessary to create full-HD video with professional audio. So feel free to contact me anytime to ask how I can help with your video needs!