Why Do I Need a Mobile Website?

mobile websiteFor most of the past 12 months, SEO experts like myself have been harping on people to make sure their websites are mobile friendly. That’s because last April, Google started to give mobile-friendly websites a boost in search results (or so they say). The problem with that update is experts predicted it to be more than what it was. Many people complained shortly after the update they were seeing the results they had hoped.

This may turn off people who still haven’t updated to mobile. But it shouldn’t. Having a mobile website because it’s good for SEO should be irrelevant. In fact, let’s forget about SEO all together for a change.

The reason why you should have a mobile website is because it helps your potential customer/client. More and more people are ditching laptops and desktops for mobile phones/tablets when searching for products or services. In 2015, the experts at comScore did a study that found mobile searches jumped to 29%. That means nearly one-third of everyone are using mobile devices to search. Google estimates the number will jump further this year and surpass traditional search at over 45%. Hence, the update.

With this many people searching you want to make the experience as easy as possible. People that have to navigate a desktop site on a mobile device can become frustrated with tiny text, small links and an overall poor user experience. They will ditch that site for something more user-friendly.

The big advantage with mobile is accessibility. Mobile websites provide easy interaction options like a “click to call” button, which enables a mobile user to press a button and connect with you. Using mobile forms and other contact methods, like email, provide the same benefits. You can even integrate a mobile website with Google Maps to ensure people can find you easily.

This kind of user-friendly dependability is vital to any business’ future. I expect the amount of time spent on websites will go down as mobile rises in popularity. Mobile websites will make it easier for people to find the information they need, so they won’t have to spend as much time looking over websites for info. People want easy and instant, period. A large website that takes up a lot of their data will be left in the dust.

So don’t worry about SEO, do it for your business and upgrade to mobile today! If you need help with your mobile options please feel free to contact me by calling 440-941-0792 or email me and let me know how I can help improve your site.