2019 ACCA Basketball Tournament Streaming Info

I’m happy to announce a deal with the Association of Christian College Athletics (ACCA) to return to Joplin in 2019 to stream it’s national basketball tournament. This is the 6th straight year that I’m fortunate to cover the ACCA Men’s and Women’s tournaments in Joplin.

As I mentioned last year, the ACCA is my longest-standing client, and what keeps me coming back is the people. Everyone at Ozark and with the Joplin Sports Authority work so hard and are so welcoming, it’s really a fantastic week of basketball. It’s a honor to have the opportunity to call a national championship event, and I look forward to seeing what schools will emerge as favorites this year!

Like past years this year’s ACCA Basketball Tournament will stream on the ACCA’s official YouTube page: https://youtube.com/accasports. Be sure to subscribe for the latest updates! All games will be broadcast live and available on demand shortly after the completion of the game.

This year’s action takes place February 27th – March 2nd in Joplin, MO. More on the coverage will come from the schools and participants closer to the start date. For the latest ACCA basketball news follow the ACCA on Twitter @ACCAHoops or follow the Twitter hashtag #ACCASports.

For more on the ACCA: https://www.accasports.org

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