Affordable Pensacola Web Design and SEO

Affordable Pensacola Web Design and SEO services

I am proud to offer my affordable web design and SEO services in my hometown: Pensacola! Since I first visited the Gulf Coast in 2012 I have been working to make it my home. Starting in 2019 I’m very excited to finally make the move. There is a sense of community in this area unmatched by other places I’ve lived that I am truly thrilled to be a part of.

Pensacola is a special place to me and I am excited to help those small business owners in the area that have a small marketing budget. I work specifically with a small list of dedicated entrepreneurs who understand the importance of having a modern website and good marketing. My services are the same as the big agencies, but I charge up to 80% less for all the same great services!

Affordable Pensacola Web Design

Affordable Pensacola web design

If you need a simple, modern website with all the modern design and feel, I can help with rates starting at just $200! Today’s websites need to have the right fit for all devices. Not only do your website visitors expect to be able to access the site on their phone, tablet or computer, Google will drop your ranking if your site doesn’t cover all the devices properly.

So if your website is in need of a refresher (I recommend re-doing your site at least every two years) you can count on me for the best service. I use basic WordPress tools to give your site the proper, modern look and feel, with functional mobile click to call/email buttons, contact forms, responsive design and more.

Basic packages don’t cover e-commerce. Hosting is on you. I will also give you the tools to manage your site, rather than hold it hostage like some in the web design industry do. No tricks, just your site that you can control!

Learn more about my web design services and see examples of my work on my affordable web design page!

Affordable Pensacola SEO

I work in broadcasting and understand the importance of creating good content. Good content keeps my viewers engaged, and it is the same practice that Google looks for when ranking a site. Many believe the simpler the site the better, but that’s not true. Google wants to see a site that has content, whether in the form of blogs, videos, podcasts or images.

If you’re running a small business you likely don’t have the time to worry about content. I can help grow your web presence starting at just $200 per month. My basic SEO package includes adding content, website management, social media marketing, SEO techniques and getting backlinks for your site!

All of my content marketing and SEO packages are custom-designed for each client. Each month we’ll go over how I’m doing so you can track my progress and have a clear understanding of how I’m spending your money and why. I believe in an ethical SEO approach, because I know it works. All my clients who follow this lead find success online. Let me help you grow your business.

Learn more about my content marketing packages. Or contact me by using the buttons below to let me know how I can assist with your marketing needs.