VHS to Digital Services

VHS to Digital services

Preserve your memories and share old VHS, DVDs and other videos with your family and friends with ease! My VHS to digital services start at $20. I will convert your old VHS tapes, MiniDV, DVD, CD-R and most other outdated types. Even audio files from reel tapes can be preserved by converting them to digital! The files are made digital and uploaded to Google Drive for unlimited downloading! Simply share your file(s) with any email address and you’ll have as many copies of your special moments as you need.

Converting your old tapes or DVDs to digital helps those looking to downsize, get organized, and remove clutter from the home. It’s the perfect gift for friends, family and for anniversaries! Streamlining and organizing your old movies will not convert the movies to HD. Rather this service will ensure that your memories are preserved online for anyone to enjoy. Old tapes can degrade over time, DVD/CDs can scratch and become ruined. Convert your precious memories to digital before it’s too late!

All services start at $25 (per video, up to 2 hours of video time). Need a physical copy? Provide me with an SD, flash drive or other way to save for no additonal cost. I do not supply SD or flash drives.

Other Conversion Services Offered:

Audio: I am happy to convert audio on reels, however I do not have the equipment to set up the reels. I can convert audio tapes or CDs to digital upon request.

Photo: Let me make your photo albums digital! Starting at just $50 per album. Photos can be converted to digital and shared via Google Drive, or put into a scrolling video (extra fees).

Typical turnaround for basic services less than a week, depending on availability. Have questions? Use the one-click contact methods below or contact me here!