See what my clients have to say about my work:

“Your professionalism caught my ear 6 years ago at a basketball tournament and you were the most important addition I ever made to our athletic department. Your preparation and professionalism into broadcasting has educated listeners and earned you a following. The WWC dog soccer match might still be my favorite. I will always be your #1 fan!” – Stacey Enos, Warren Wilson Athletic Director (former)

“The services of Chris Schieman Media have been a great asset to our program. His knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail has allowed us to expand our brand throughout the area. As a result of us utilizing his services as a part of our marketing strategy our sponsorships have grown ten times more than what they were prior to us signing with him. I recommend his service to anyone that is in need of media service for sporting events.” Walter Shaw, Brunswick Community College Men’s Basketball Head Coach.

“Chris was not only diligent and professional on and off the air while handling assignments for Coastline Sports Media, he went the extra mile to make sure he was overly prepared to entertain his audience. His attention to detail and punctuality is something you don’t find in young broadcasters today. We were completely satisfied by his performances throughout the two-plus years he handled play-by-play assignments for CSM.” – Allen W. Smothers  Coastline Sports Media President

“Chris was a great guy to work with. Smart, efficient and honest. What a joy it is to find someone to work with at the top of their game! Thanks Chris for all your help!” – Doug Thorwall, ERA Tool

“Chris is so easy to work with. Extremely professional and very proficient. We are so grateful for all of his help on a few different website projects. Wished we had found him before our main camper rental website was already under construction by another web designer. Fortunately for us Chris was happy to tweak some things and perform some updates – He will actually listen to what you are trying to accomplish, offer suggestions and follow through in a timely efficient manner. He will be the only website designer on any of our projects moving forward. Many thanks!!” – Brian, Life by the Horns Camper Rentals

“Chris Schieman has been covering the ACCA Men’s and Women’s National Basketball Tournament for 6 years. His professionalism and ability go beyond the threshold of good. They are excellent! I have heard nothing but good comments from people that have watched his broadcasts of our games and he brings a level of integrity to our tournament that is truly appreciated.” – Chris Lahm, President Association of Christian College Athletics

“Chris Schieman by far is the main reason our league has been successful over the last two seasons. Having been a owner of my franchise for over 25 years when I first saw Chris work I knew I needed to see what I could do to have him involved with our league. Unfortunately the league I was in at the time had no interest in trying to better the league with Chris’ great service. When I decided to start my own league the very 1st thing I did was contact Chris about coming on board and his professionalism and great work has been the single most important move I ever made. Chris has brought instant credibility to our league and even if some of our teams may not do everything the way it needs to be done for his telecast, Chris has always stepped to the plate and produces a great telecast week end and week out. He is part of our League and is just as important as any team/owner/or player we have.” – Chris Thomas, East Coast Basketball League

“We hired Chris over 3 years ago to help our company with social media marketing. We wanted to help improve our company’s web presence but there was not enough hours in the day to do everything necessary when you run a business and a website. He has been very helpful, professional, trustworthy and so knowledgeable. He stays on top of changes the search engines make and seems very concerned that the companies he works with performs well. Chris has been excellent at applying social media marketing to our e-commerce website in a way that was easy to understand, relevant and valuable. In this day and age, social media is becoming such a powerful tool for growing your business. Since Chris started helping us, our sales and site visits have grown without spending as much on ppc advertising, which is an added bonus.” – Sharon Nance, Floral Home Decor, www.floralhomedecor.net