Sports Play-By-Play

Play-By-Play BroadcasterI am a nationally-recognized sports play-by-play veteran with 16 years of experience! During that time I have covered professional events, as well as international and national championships.

My sports play-by-play services are requested often because my clients know they can expect an engaging, professional production. I go the extra mile for my clients by including free custom graphics, commercial production and interviews for your college, tournament, or team. Scroll down to view my sports broadcasting demos and learn more about my affordable sports play-by-play rates!

My Services will Increase Your Audience:

Using my services is a more professional alternative to video-only broadcasts with little production value. Those differences mean better audience numbers and revenue opportunities. In the 2016-2017 broadcast year, I personally produced and broadcast 80 games all over the United States. Those broadcasts were viewed over 74,500 times, an average of 931 viewers per broadcast! My broadcasts are viewed longer, on average, than larger companies, including broadcasts done on ESPN3. I keep fans engaged longer because I understand how to interact with the audience to make them a part of the action.

Strong viewer numbers and audience engagement can help attract sponsors to the broadcasts. Because I allow my clients to sell ad time on each broadcast, they can approach potential business partners with confidence knowing that the they can expect results.

Sports Play-By-Play Rates:

Single Game Rates: Standard play-by-play rates vary based on the size of the team, school, organization or league. Typical rates are $125 per game. I provide play-by-play and production of each broadcast. Team, school or league must provide working internet connection and camera operator. Working internet must be verified with an IT professional at least 72 hours prior to the first broadcast.

  • À la carte services:
    • Camera person: $50 per game
    • Internet: $25 per game (approximate – if good coverage)
Sports Play-By-Play
Typical broadcast production set up.

National & Regional Tournaments: $200 per day for length of tournament (up to 3 games per day). Includes play-by-play of all tournament games, commercial rights, custom graphics and commercial production. Rates can vary depending on length, travel and the needs of the host. Additional travel fees required.

Have your own equipment? Ask me about special discounted rates for clients who just need a broadcaster!

Current Sports Broadcasting Clients:

Production & Play-By-Play Demos:







Radio Style Play-By-Play Demos:

College basketball: Warren Wilson vs Coastal Carolina

High school football: Conway vs Carolina Forest