Welcome to Chris Schieman Media!

Chris Schieman MediaChris Schieman Media has been giving a voice to the voiceless since 2012. I provide live, HD broadcasting solutions for sports organizations, colleges and professional teams all over the country. I also offer engaging radio voice tracking services to radio stations on tight budgets. I combine my media skills to work with small business owners who can’t afford full marketing teams to develop content and SEO to drive traffic to their websites. Combined, I provide the most comprehensive, affordable modern broadcasting and marketing solutions to those left behind by big media and corporations.

I have a wide variety of interests and enjoy working in a profession that allows me to pursue ideas, ask questions and learn from experiences.

I have worked on every level of athletics, and in radio markets of all sizes. I have interviewed and formed relationships with United States Senators, NFL Hall of Fame members, musicians and celebrities. I have covered a wide-range of events including national collegiate sports tournaments, elections, natural disasters and breaking news.

With over a dozen years of experience, I have the skills it takes to entertain, inform, and engage your audiences!  And as a freelance professional, I work for much less than what you would pay a regular employee with zero loss in quality. In fact, I think I do things much better than most larger organizations, because I have more freedom to be creative.

I offer cutting edge content marketing services that includes content marketing, SEO and social media. I believe in operating with high ethics and thinking outside of the box to ensure my clients have a unique internet presence that search engines will love. I hope to create a marketing experience that bridges the gap between marketing and relevance and I understand how to create engaging content.

Broadcasting Production Services:

Affordable Marketing Services:

  • WordPress sites starting at $200.
  • Updating current websites with modern SEO techniques.
  • Social media, content marketing and SEO starting at $200 per month.
  • Consistent social media posting and interaction.