2018 ACCA Basketball Championship Streaming Info

I’m happy to be returning to Joplin, MO in 2018 to broadcast the ACCA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments! This year I will cover the games at Ozark Christian College, and OCC will handle the broadcasts at the other gym. My hope is to continue to have all the games on the ACCA YouTube: www.youtube.com/accasports, however we may only broadcast my games on that YouTube.

The ACCA has been my longest-running client. I have been honored to broadcast their Fall and Spring tournaments since 2014. That means this will be my 5th straight year working with everyone in Joplin!

This year there are no downloads to purchase. I will be working with the ACCA and its members to offer the games to each individual school. Each game will be live, in HD and available on-demand on the ACCA YouTube indefinitely.

Unfortunately I will be unable to broadcast volleyball this fall, but I can’t wait to see everyone again in Joplin in late February and March! I always enjoy interacting with the ACCA staff and fans who watch the broadcasts from home. It’s a great group to work with. This year’s ACCA basketball tournament runs from February 28th to March 3rd.

Be sure to subscribe to the ACCA YouTube for all the latest information on the broadcasts, plus access to all the past tournament broadcasts.