Voice Tracking

voice-trackingI am a professional broadcaster offering customized voice tracking services for commercial and Internet radio stations! I am a music expert and have knowledge about music from every decade and genre! I am one of the few people who took college courses in the history of rock and roll.

Why should you hire me for your radio voice tracking needs?

  • I offer customized solutions for radio stations in need of voice tracking. That means shows can be altered on short notice!
  • I offer some of the lowest voice tracking rates in the industry! My rates start at just $150 per month for a five day voice tracking work week!
  • I bring a sincere passion for all genres of music. Ask me to send you a playlist of the last 25 songs I listened to today and you’ll find out quickly about my diverse tastes!
  • I am engaging and know how to reach multiple audiences. My voice tracking services are not limited to any particular format. I know how to reach different demos!
  • I own all my own equipment necessary for voice tracking! I can bring professional quality to your station right from my home!

Voice Tracking Rates (no contract required):

$150 per month for a five day, three hour show per day!

$200 per month for a five day, four hour show per day!

$450 per year for three hour show for Saturdays and Sundays only!

$500 per year for a four hour show for Saturdays and Sundays only!

Fill in voice tracking rates and short term voice tracking rates also available! Feel free to ask about how I can help fill a voice tracking shift for your station.

Voice-Tracking Demos:

WHHD 97.5 (Country) – Rigeway, PA

WRFS 105.1 (Classic Hits) – Alexander City, AL

WNFB 94.3 (AC) – Lake City, FL

Space for my services is limited so don’t delay! E-mail me today for more information about my services!

*Audio quality on demos may not reflect typical recording quality, especially if audio was pulled from an online stream.